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..as long as you are connected to the internet. Allowing you to have your company's data at your fingertips, anytime, every time you need 'em.


Why make yourself miserable with multiple apps with no integration? Signup for OfficeCentral now and get instant online access to ingterated HRMS, Payroll, Accounting and CRM systems to help you manage your company!

OfficeCentral: Best ICT Solution for SMEs

  • We used to spend TWO WEEKS to process our payroll. But with OfficeCentral, all it took us was a few clicks and I'm done with my payroll for the month! I can now focus my work on my core specialties!

    OfficeCentral Customer

What Will You Get From OfficeCentral

Manage your company easily using OfficeCentral - reduce paperwork, reduce time, reduce administration duties and increase your profit!

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Employees Engagement

By using OfficeCentral, you will be able to get more engaged with your employees and increase employees satisfaction with a smoother process, less papers and reduced administration time!

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Access from Anywhere

OfficeCentral is accessible anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet, even on your mobile! Therefore, you can get all the data anytime you need them, reducing time spent on administration duties.

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Easy to Configure

Have additional types of leave or different ways of calculating salary? No sweat. OfficeCentral is easy to configure to suit your business!

What OfficeCentral Has to Offer?

ALL in ONE solution! Yes, be it taking care of your staff or your company.. Or even your client.. We HAVE IT ALL! OfficeCentral provides you with an ALL IN ONE solution consisting of Human Resource Management, Payroll, Accounting, Finance and Customer Relationship Management - all in one.
And to tell you our secret, we're putting in the Point of Sales in VERY SOON!

OfficeCentral =
HRMS + Payroll + Finance + Accounting + CRM


We got what you need to get your business going. From HRMS, to Payroll, to Finance, to Accounting and EVEN to CRM, OfficeCentral has it all! OfficeCentral helps you managing your office anytime and anywhere!

We are ON MOBILE! Yes, you choose OfficeCentral for the mobility and we give you the mobility.

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  • Call your customers on the go.
  • Let your staff apply their leave anywhere.
  • Quote your customers anytime.
  • View your salary slip on mobile.

Our OfficeCentral is mobile friendly! With our mobile layout, you'll be able to call your colleagues and customers on the go without having to save their number on your phone! Your staff will also be able to let you know their movements during office hours!

Let's Take a Closer Look

Catch up with the work as you log in! With OfficeCentral, we give you a first-hand notification. Notification emails will be sent to you and you'll also be able to view all the important stuff right at the front door!


See Plans and Pricing

With your budget, we got what you need! OfficeCentral does not burn your wallet!



Paid Annually
  • 1 All-in-One User
  • 1 Company
  • 1 Year
  • Standard Edition
  • Access to HRMS
  • Access to Payroll
  • Access to Accounting GST
  • Access to CRM
  • Email Notifications
All-in-One Flexi


Flexible number of users and months
  • Choose your number of users!
  • 1 Company
  • You Choose Duration of Subscription
  • Access to HRMS
  • Access to Payroll
  • Access to Accounting GST
  • Access to CRM
  • Email Notifications

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